The Treasurer’s Office provides internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to experience the day-to-day operations of the Idaho State Treasury. 

The internship will provide students the opportunity to work in and learn the daily operations of all three divisions within the Treasurer’s Office; Banking Operations, Investments, Unclaimed Property(UCP).   

The Idaho State Treasurer operates as the chief fiscal officer and banker of monies collected by Idaho and is responsible for managing more than seven (7) billion dollars. The Office acts as the state’s bank, receiving all the monies, investing idle state monies and funds for local government and state agencies. The following programs are also administered within the office; Idaho Millennium Fund, Idaho Unclaimed Property, Idaho Bond Bank, and the Idaho College Savings Program.

This internship is designed to give an all-around educational experience of the State Treasurer’s Office and state government.  

Opportunities may include but are not limited to:

  • Giving tours of the office/vault

  • Reconciliation of statements

  • Prepare documentation for Investment Advisory Board Meetings

  • Attend Treasurer’s Investment Advisory Board Meeting

  • Learn about the investment practices/strategies in the Treasurer’s Office

  • Unclaimed Property data check

  • Investigate claims for UCP 

Students who are self-motivated and interested in experiencing the operations of the Treasurer’s Office are encouraged to apply. 

Internship Brochure

Internship Application