State Depository

State Depository Policy

  • Idaho Code - 67-2739
  • Current State Depositories List
  • *Inclusion as a designated state depository is based only on the requirements set forth in Section 67-2725 to 2726 of the Idaho Code and is not
    an indication of financial soundness or an endorsement of an institution by the State of Idaho or the Office of the Treasurer. Designation as
    a state depository does not guaranty a deposit of funds or prevent the withdrawal of funds by the Office of the Treasurer. The Treasurer may
    revoke designation as a state depository at any time, in his sole discretion. Investors should conduct a thorough investigation of a financial
    institution and weigh the risks and benefits of the investment prior to depositing funds or making any investment with a financial institution.


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  • Idaho State Treasurer's Office
    attn: State Depository
    P.O. Box 83720
    Boise, Idaho 83720-0091