Idaho Bond Bank Authority (IBBA)
The Bond Bank is a pooled financing program that serves municipalities across the State of Idaho. The Bond Bank can often obtain better credit ratings, more attractive interest rates, and lower underwriting costs than municipalities could achieve individually. The Bond Bank is able to pledge certain state funds as additional security for its bonds, further reducing interest costs.

Idaho School Bond Guaranty (ISBG)
The Idaho School Bond Guaranty Program serves public school districts across the State of Idaho. The Program often enables school district's to receive an enhanced credit ratings by pledging certain state funds as additional security for the bonds.  

Tax Anticipation Note (TAN)
Each year, the State of Idaho issues a Tax Anticipation Note. Due to the timing differences of ongoing operational expenses and tax receipts, the TAN provides financing for that 

Credit Enhancement Committee
The Idaho Credit Rating Enhancement Committee advises the Governor and the Legislature regarding policies and actions that enhance and preserve Idaho's credit rating and maintain the future availability of low cost capital financing.

The Idaho eBank system provides a management tool for LGIP and DBF Investment Pool Participants, while also serving as a resource for debt managed by the State Treasurer's Office.