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Welcome to the Idaho State Treasurer’s Office. It is an honor to serve Idahoans and other state agencies and we are committed to ensuring this office is efficient, transparent and focused on customer service. We hope the information provided here is helpful and that you will not hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

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  • Warrant & Rotary Photocopy Request
  • EFT Tax Payment
  • State Depository
  • Bid Opportunities
  • Legal Rate of Interest
  • Federal Distribution to Counties
  • Idaho Prime Loan Program
  • eBank


  • Treasurer's Investment Advisory Board
  • Diversified Bond Fund (DBF)
  • Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP)
  • IDLE-State Government
  • Millennium Fund
  • Bid Idaho
  • eBank

Debt Management

  • Credit Rating Enhancement Committee
  • Idaho Bond Bank Authority (IBBA)
  • Idaho School Bond Guaranty (ISBG)
  • Tax Anticipation Note
  • eBank

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