$301 Million Dollars Earned for Idahoans

 $301 Million Dollars Earned for Idahoans

Idaho State Treasurer Julie A. Ellsworth reports the interest earnings for Fiscal Year 2023 exceeded a total of $301 million dollars.

Each year, the Treasurer’s office invests the monies of state and local governments, and the interest earned from those investments is returned to the taxpayers.  These dollars are used to help cover the cost of government and reduce the burden on taxpayers.

“I believe this strong investment performance is a testament to the dedication and expertise of my office. We do our utmost to provide the best service available, and to protect the state’s money by focusing on the safety, the liquidity, and then the yield of our taxpayer dollars,” said Treasurer Ellsworth. 

The Diversified Bond Fund distributed earnings over $35 million, while the Local Government Investment Pool distributed over $125 million. In addition to these earnings, the Idle Investment Pool for state agencies distributed over $139 million, totaling over $301 million earnings distributed.

Idaho’s sound investment policies are established by the Treasurer’s Investment Advisory Board and in accordance with Idaho code.


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