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Idaho Prime Loan Program
Idaho Prime Loan Program

The Idaho Prime Loan Program "The Idaho Prime" is a loan program designed specifically with small businesses in mind. This innovative program is a cooperative effort between the Idaho State Treasurer, the Small Business Administration "SBA", and the banking community – helping to make capital available to all small businesses throughout our great state.

When small businesses do well in Idaho, new jobs are generated for our workforce, the economy expands, new tax dollars flow in the state coffers, and we all benefit.

Borrower Information

  • Need a loan for one of the following?
  • What are The Idaho Prime terms?
  • Do you qualify? SBA borrowers are:
  • What are banks looking for in an SBA borrower?
  • Who should the borrower contact to get started?
  • Does your bank participate in the Idaho Prime Loan Program?
  • What does the bank need from the borrower to start?

Lender Information

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