• Created the "Idaho Prime" rate loan program where Idaho small businesses have access to capital at prime rate. Ron received a national award from the U.S. Small Business Administration for this innovative program.
  • Implemented and chairs the Idaho College Savings 529 Plan known as "IDeal". This program allows Idahoans to deduct monies set aside for college expenses from their tax return.
  • Established a long term fund known as the Diversified Bond Fund to achieve better returns for participating state agencies and local units of government.
  • Hosted the Idaho Smart Women, Smart Money Conference 15 times with over 25,000 women receiving money management tips. These seminars, paid for with private dollars raised from the community, featured Debbie Reynolds. Naomi Judd, Dixie Carter, Lucy Arnaz, and Vicki Lawrence and taught women how to save, invest and plan for their future.
  • Started an internet auction known as Bid Idaho for Certificates of Deposit placed in Idaho banks. This unique program provides an opportunity for Idaho banks to bid online for state monies, resulting in higher earnings for the state.
  • Introduced the Idaho Bond Bank Authority allowing Idaho municipalities to join together and gain access to the capital markets for their public purpose borrowing needs. This saves Idaho municipalities from paying exorbitant access fees which results in significant cost savings to the property tax payers in Idaho.